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Royal Touch Paper Products is a company at the cutting edge of product development in the Janitorial and Washroom supplies market. As a company that listens to our customers, we are able to maintain market responsiveness and develop key innovative products that dramatically minimise paper waste. Our range of dispensing systems and accompanying paper products ensure the perfect solution for all washroom needs.

Our holistic approach to washroom solutions ensures that innovation, sustainability and performance, along with high image, are at the forefront of our products and services. The unique range of Royal Touch products and dispensers are engineered to reduce costs, minimise wastage and mess, while eliminating cross contamination.

The Royal Touch range and JAWS products are dynamic and innovative. We are continuously changing to adapt to consumer needs in order to be ahead of the market. Our products are innovative to cut usage by reducing the amount of product needed to complete a task. Our high performance products save waste through smarter dispensing systems.

Our Royal Autocut dispenser and accompanying JAWS handtowel have proven savings between 30% and 50% in usage.

Discover more about our Innovative Autocut product by watching the video below.

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