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Our Mission and Vision 


Royal Touch Paper Products is an Australian owned manufacturer of washroom products and hygiene systems. Over the past fifteen years, we have come to understand that no two industries or workplaces are alike. The hygiene needs of a school, are different to those of a food processing plant or health-care facility. As such, we seek to understand the individual industry requirements, which helps us to create unique and innovative solutions, tailored specifically to satisfy the particular needs.


This is a process that we oversee from start to finish. Everything from working with our partnering boutique mills to ensure we have the right pulp from sustainable forestry, to designing and creating the innovative dispensing systems, up to manufacturing the product under strict HACCP and Quality Assured conditions.


Our focus is on challenging the norm and improving upon the way things are done. We are specialists in our area, and are dedicated to serving our customers needs. By increasing the performance, efficiency and hygiene of our customers bathroom, we can guarantee a saving on money, time and effort.


Our Mission is to provide our customers with a holistic approach to washroom solutions, from knowledgeable staff and reliable service to quality products and innovative dispensers. Our vision is to create hygenic bathrooms throughout Australia and across all industries.

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